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The Words Girl


If you’re here, there’s a couple of things I already know about you (being a writer is basically the same thing as being a psychic.) I know you’re hella passionate about what you do and how it affects your customers and community and I know that you’re really amazing at a long list of things that are extremely important to your business, but writing isn’t your top skill or highest priority. Was I right? Told ya, writer, psychic, same difference.

That’s where I come in. I’m Torie, one of the crazy few that boldly claim the title “writer” as though it is as much a part of them as the blood that runs through their veins. Finding the right words to elevate your business and tell your story with heart is my calling.

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. — Robin Williams in The Dead Poet’s Society

The right words have tangible impact – that’s the philosophy I live by and it’s the cornerstone of my approach to content.

If you’re tired of attracting the wrong customers, aching to cultivate a community that excites you and beyond ready to bring in customers and clients that are downright dreamy, let’s talk. Together, we can bridge that gap with authentic, heart-driven content that speaks your language and resonates with the RIGHT people.

According to my grandpa (and we all know grandpas never lie) I’ve been telling stories since I could talk and writing them down since the day I figured out syntax and the proper motor skills. In my early writing days, I penned a story where my superheroine enlisted the help of a dolphin as a sidekick and my mastermind villain was strangely reminiscent of Lord Licorice from Candyland. Clearly, I was aiming for a Hollywood blockbuster with that one.

But unless you’re running a sweet shop out of an aquarium, that storyline probably doesn’t resonate. Worry not, fearless business warrior! If you’re passionate about your brand and the impact it makes, I’m your writer. Not only can I tell your story skillfully, I can craft it (and your ongoing content) in a way that magnetically tugs on heartstrings and oozes personality.

In early 2015, something started tapping at the back of my brain, urging me to look deeply at what I really wanted in life. My degree in writing and public relations was going relatively unused in my day job. I spent many an evening journaling about what wasn’t working in my industry as a result of seeing it day in and day out at my desk. I spent many more evenings journaling about what I knew to be important and impactful through my studies of great companies and great business models. The pieces weren’t coming together in my day job, so I started dreaming big about that little itch that had come to occupy a big space in my heart and mind.

The itch became this: Wild Spark Creative. The place you turn to when you want to take your business to the next level. The content partner with a heart that beats as fiercely for your brand and business as your own. Wild Spark Creative is the place where your brand ignites.