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The Story You Tell Matters - Everywhere You Tell It

I'm here to help you tell it right.
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Once Upon a Time...
Chapter 1

Your Origin Story

You know where you came from, you know what it took for you to get where you are, the changes you want to make in the world. You know how much you have to offer! And good for you, boo! You damn well should! The thing is, no one else does. And unless we can dig in there and find a way to show them why you’re the best choice for your right people, you’re gonna be stuck three steps behind where you want your business to be.

Chapter 2

Letting Them In

So maybe you started a blog, or got more serious about your social content, or realized that you couldn’t just toss around words like authenticity without putting some real-ass OOMPH behind them. And it helped! A little. For a while. But then you realized that keeping up with the competition isn’t just about status quo, it’s about getting niche, getting real (like REAL real) and opening those doors to your beautiful heart and brain WIDE open to foster that community you’ve been craving. And then you realized how freaking exhausting that can be day in and day out while you’re still trying to do all the business-y things it takes to, you know, run a business.

Chapter 3

The Battle for Balance

Your thing is YOUR thing. You’re incredible at the work you do and the way you offer it is unique – seriously, it’s not like anything else (or you wouldn’t be here). You know that there is a world-changer, game-maker, no-shit-taker inside of you that is tired of carrying everything you don’t really want to instead of pouring yourself, heart and soul, into the things you DO. And so the battle rages on.

Until you find your allies. The people whose THING is the things you’d rather cross off your to-do list forever. People like me. Writing? Words? Content that connects, that sparks loyalty and creates brand advocates that spread your work like wildfire? That’s MY thing.

Chapter 4

Conquering All

So we work together. And you get to focus on the business side of your business – creating the products, signing on clients, making and doing and serving the things you love to the base of customers you’ve always dreamed of. And while you do that, I ghostwrite your way into the hearts of more people just like you. I let them in on what you’re up to in a way that feels personal, but appropriate – fun, but clear on the difference YOU can make in THEIR life. And together – we create a brand that thrives on regular content creation with the added bonus of being so uniquely you that people can’t help but stop and say “Okay, tell me more.” You ride off into the sunset with your dream clients and I get to do what I love most – write content that makes your heart sing and your customer base grow. Let’s get to writing that happily ever after for you and your biz.

Heartfelt Creative Abandon
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What that looks like is up to you. I can help with:
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